LPT is the Modern Customization Tool for j-platform

LPT Basics

This section contains documentation for installing, upgrading your LPT Environment.

Getting Started

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LPT Advanced Level

LPT and j-guar have much-advanced functionality. This section contains some useful concepts for customization  

LPT Defination Menu

The link below contains some Useful piece of codes that might be helpful while you develop an LPT Project.

LPT Developer Tricks

You can easily develop an integrated HTML-based application with Jaguar. Here is a sample application developed with Vaadin.

J-GUAR Integrated Vaadin Project Development

Integration Interfaces

With j-platform, you can use the WS and Controller interfaces to integrate systems or applications.

j-platform Custom Web Service

XUI Emulating Controllers

Training and Certification

Before training, we suggest you read the documents.

Training and Certification

Sample Applications

Examples of applications that are described in the platform training and using the different technologies provided by the platform are presented.
The apps were created in different versions. It may need to be updated according to the installment.

LPT Sample Projects


The new version of LPT is announced. You may find the changes made in each version

Version Announcement

Support Tools

See available downloads

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