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The support tools we provide to Adaptation Tools users are listed below.

How should the support email content be?

Logo International Helpdesk


Your need for support for adaptation projects can be managed through the logo international help desk.

We expect all our solution partners to create a ticket to get support from the customization department.Your tickets helps us to have a record of the problems faced while developing a custom project.

Solution partner would need: 

  • Username 
  • Password

The credentials can be attained from Logo once you are a authorized solution partner.

Steps used to create a ticket can be learned through the powerpoınt below:

Creation of Issues request for LPT.PPTX



forum.logo.com.tr, Logo Adaptation Solutions is an information sharing platform.

You can see the questions asked on this platform and the answers given to them. If they want our solution partners, they can leave their questions anonymously. These questions can be answered by anyone who can log in to the system.

The platform has flexible, powerful search support.

Our solution partners will be able to login to the system using their existing accounts. The solution that has system access Our problem partners can post messages to email support addresses (jdev.support or wdev.support).

After entering the system you can ask questions, you can access the documents prepared in the wiki template.


Logo is a platform for Solution Partners to support Implementation / Customization development projects.

Logo Contains modern support tools for software adaptation tools and products such as forums, wikis, and videos.

There are 3 types of user definitions.

  • Logo Solution Partners
  • Logo Employee
  • Anonymous

Only logo solution partners and logo employee can register the question. And they can comment on the documents.

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