Logo Platform Tailor ( LPT) logo software has been developed for the enterprise ERP product, the development platform is well adapted by j-guar.

Here are described in the LPT training

  • the ability of the development environment

  • development of adaptation projects

Pre- Conditions

For the implementation of the topics discussed in this chapter:

Firstly you need to install LPT Environment on your Eclipse IDE, for which you may follow the link below:

1) Creating custom solution to be installed on a common development environment
2) The database in SQL Server , My SQL or Oracle databases to be installed.
3) Taking license activation process after preparing the development environment
4) To know the basic level java,eclipse development environment.

Please check the links below for information about the development platform :

Project Description

Here, step by step LPT "Course Management Practices" project will be developed.

The scope of the project in brief :

  • Student , class, course descriptions and teachers should be able to do and must be reported
  • Start of classes / students with end dates , course enrollment and teacher of class relations can be established and be able to create reports.

    You can access the database design for CourseManagementProject.

Building projects

LPT project has a structure that contains many components.

The following video shows the creation of a new student projects.

Creating a table

The database can be visually independent table definitions

 For more information check the link below :

Student table creation with LPT :

Custom Business Object (CBO)

j-guar specific business objects in the project along side the ERP business objects can be created. You can evaluate things as POJO .

For more information check the link below :

Creating Student Business CBO :-

Creating Custom Form Object

Data entry screens are called forms .

For more information check the link below :

Creating Student Registration Form :

Creating Query Object

CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) Is the object that contains the definitions of the process.

For more information check the link below :

Creating query object video

Browser Release Form

Data are shown as a list of basic forms .

For more information check the link below :

Creating Custom Browser Form

Access Tree and Profiling

Products containing the component modules.

For more information check the link below :

Role-based components used to implement the adaptation project .

For more information check the link below :

Creating Navigation Tree Video :

Adaptation Project Installation Setup

j-guar can sub site that you want within the competence of the implementation project .
j-guar interface is presented to perform the settings of development platform.

For more information check the link below :

Customization and deployment :

Link and over Lookup Creating Business Objects

1-1 between objects 1 -N, N -n connection (link) can be established.
Lookup in a list of a record is considered to be elected.

For more information check the link below :

Creating Lookup Video:

Grid Object Creation

Forms may require the use of screen grid. 
Students add Object Grid Projects in Course Registration Form .

Code lookup with Creation

Students add Form code lookup and Course Registration Project.

Creating on save data Method

Form of the event method is created by on save data

Combotext , and Lookup Resource Creation

Course with table associating the registration table ,lookup process is illustrated with combo text editor .

Extension Building

The products in the form of a header line allows us to add new fields

For more information check the videos below :

Remote Service Creation

Remote Service , Server allows us to do work in class definitions .

Object Factory & Query Factory

Creating a Business Logic Handler

BLH will be used when the business logic layer is a business object handler class.

For more information check the link below :

Business Logic Handler Definition Video

Creating Query Logic Handler

Integration Tools


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