Process Steps:

1 - Backing Up DBConnection.xml

Under the \lpt\ws\logo\WebContent\Config\System directory or

Using the Eclipse editor, you can easily access the file by typing DBConnection.xml into the shortcut that opens with Ctr + Shf + R.

Back up the file to the desktop or another directory.

2 - On the LPT Development Platform (Eclipse IDE)

  • jguar
  • Logo

Is selected and deleted. Select it as shown on the screen and press shift + delete to confirm.

3 -

Copy the latest plugin to the appropriate local directory

Close Eclipse, delete 4 plugins

Open the newly uploaded zip file in the eclipse directory and the plugins directory.

4 -

    The latest source codes are copied to the LPT \ reqfiles directory.

5 -

The last ear file from the address is copied to the Local directory.

6 - Reopen Eclipse

    Eclipse> import> ear selects the local ear file.

   After the file is selected, Finish will start the process.

7 - The backup is copied from DBConnection.xml.

/logo/WebContent/Config/System/ Directory.

In the Eclipse editor, you can copy the DBConnection_Sample.xml file with the shortcut Ctrl + Sh + R, then copy it to the same directory.

8 - Make sure you have added logo.war in tomcat. 

Or you can right-click "debug on server" on the logo project.

The following screen will help.
And disable the autorun parameter.


9 - Launching Server

Start the logo.war web application on the tomcat server in debug mode.

10 - For Source Code Settings

If you want to be able to DEBUG the source code, while on the "logo" project,
Select the "Logo / Prepare jGuar WorkSpace" transaction as below

Select "RegFiles" from the screen and click "logo"
It is sufficient to do a "refresh" operation on the project.

11 - Creating System Tables

From the LPT environment, open the "Debug Configurations" screen, click on "ServerAdminClient" and press "Debug" button.

Username: LOGO
Password: LOGO

When the "System tables updated" warning was displayed, the necessary system tables for the j-guar product were successfully created.

12 - Creating lbsDefinitions.jar 


13- Updating Institution Tables

The "Debug Configurations" screen opens from the LPT Environment
Click on "AdminClient" and press "Debug" button.

The following information is entered from the screen that opens.

Username: LOGO
Password: LOGO

The following screen appears.

14 - Eclipse > Project > Clean & Refresh > Build 

The LPT environment is ready for use.

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