What is LPT?

LPT is an Eclipse-based development platform. Developed by Logo Software for j-platform adaptation and integration solutions.

With the extensions available in LPT, you can quickly develop applications and easily upload them to j-platform.

It is only open to the use of Logo Solution Partners.

LPT development environment provided by Logo Software you can find:

  • j-platform ERP library,
  • Advanced toolkit for custom development
  • You can run your customization projects

You can easily develop applications with the plugin set provided in Eclipse. You can also easily integrate your developed application into the ERP system (j-platform).

What you can do on the LPT Adaptation Platform

  • You can develop customizations without writing code using only visual wizards
  • j-platform independent new application
  • Integrated application to j-platform
  • Adding a new Web Service to j-platform
  • j-platform Server Service development
  • Ability to make add-ons to the server behavior of the application

LPT Setup

Setup and Configuration

What is j-platform? LPT Suitable for Me?

j-platform is a web-based ERP application that works on a three-tiered architecture. j-platform consists of the packages and modules shown below.
LOGO's new generation business management solution LOGO j-platform allows you to reach your goals. Integrated application modules cover all aspects of your business.
Adaptable security options and authorization management are the assurance that your data is protected by full security and can only be accessed by defined users.

  • Both the operations and interfaces of LOGO j-platform can be adapted separately for each country in which it operates. The system can work on multiple lines, currencies and country legislation at the same time using common infrastructure.
  • In this way, integration within companies and companies in different countries is provided at a much higher level.
  • LOGO j-platform is platform independent; On many platforms, in the operating system, and on the database server.
  • This flexibility allows IT, managers, to plan more effectively using their existing infrastructure.
  • The advanced intelligent client infrastructure and multi-tiered architecture are designed to deliver the highest performance for users.
  • The system takes advantage of all available resources to ensure that every cent spent on investment is valued at its best.
  • The basic philosophy of ERP investment should be to be at your point both today and in the future.

Being an “On-demand” enterprise means managing your costs effectively, growing in a dynamic business environment, and delivering new customer value.

Your ERP system should aim to support your strategies and operations while your business organizes new business models and adapts them while introducing innovative ideas and products to protect your competitive position and managing unfavorable change. This philosophy, which can be described as ERP in your future, Represents an environment in which collaborative relationships and business processes are moving to a new dimension among companies.

No business nature is like anything else; Each has a different way of doing business. LOGO j-platform is designed as a completely flexible program; It offers you a large number of configuration options so you can model your business exactly. In addition, the program offers an integrated development environment that allows any kind of add-on to be done later. Drag-drop designers and intuitive wizards make it possible to develop the system where you want it.

In this way, LOGO j-platform adapts to your needs by responding quickly to your needs.

LOGO j-platform offers a brand new structure that changes the classical ERP concept. Easy-to-use interfaces reduce the time required for training and support. Information accessibility and adaptability features increase the productivity of your business. Platform independence and ability to work with different systems provide easy integration at both system and application levels.

As a result, LOGO j-platform offers you an optimal ERP investment opportunity.

To get more information about j-platform follow the link below 


For more information about j-platform

If you are going to present j-platform as an ERP solution for any organization and you need Customization / Customization, we recommend using Logo Platform Tailor.

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