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TopicFor Tiger CustomizationFor j-guar or jugnu
TitleLOD Table does not sortLPT DataExchangeWS I'm getting an error
Version Information

Tiger Enterprise 2.32

j-guar 2.36.x
Problem summary

How do I open a custom form in code in LPT?

LOD Column Ordering does not work in all columns


If something goes wrong

  1. I am doing Sales Order Entry
  2. I am billing through the Billing Option on Order
  3. We use Automatic Lot Number of Outputs in Material Parameters.

The operation log is run. The operation log key is pressed once.

The operational log key in the j-guar toolbar will be recorded as long as it is pressed.

Press key again to request the recording file.

The corresponding jar file is sent as an email attachment.

Error messageScreenshot of error message if there is a bugError Message or image
Additional info
  • PIf any method is used before the post operation (FillAccCodes, ApplyCampaign, etc.)
  • Knowledge of which Plug or Card was transferred
AdditionThe project source code can be sent in addition to the corresponding component.
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