Adaptation Development Platform for LBS Tiger
                    Works with different sectors and the development environment
                      In order to meet the specific needs of the company.

Basic Concept behind Logo Object Designer

New generation Logo applications are actually object (component) repositories that can be viewed as functional entities of applications.
These objects are best recognized, at user interface level where user interacts with them by entering data or requesting formatted outputs.
At Logo we strive for the Ability to produce highly Customizable applications for the user and provide the most suitable tool set and methodology for customization processes.

This document intends, to be a guide for a development, oriented user of Logo applications in customizing functionality of the application. 

The system under consideration, Object Designer (OD) is designed to include most of the functionality that a development environment may provide for such customization projects.
Object Designer is actually an independent development system and becomes meaningful when coupled with the proper development project. In other words, it differs from other such
systems in the definition of a project. 

Object Designer needs an application library and builds the customization project over it. Hence, no project can be created from scratch.
Logo applications designed to enable users for sophisticated customization tasks include the required libraries. Those libraries, however, should be installed separately into a project
environment and they have their own documentation since the content is application specific. This document mainly covers, the issues related with usage and capabilities
of Object Designer including examples and references that can be considered as generic for all customization projects.

Installation Procedure

Object Designer and its installation program are both 32-bit Windows applications. 

  • Insert Object Designer CD into your CD-Rom Drive.
  • Run \OD\SETUP from the CD.
  • Follow the instructions presented by the installation program.

(If you are planning to use Object Designer from a network drive, other users should select “Client Setup” option at the beginning of installation session)

Now, you have these files installed under Object Designer directory :

Application      :LOD_DEV.EXE
Source Files  :WBRUN-E.LRF,  OD.LRF
Libraries     : QGUI.DLL, QUILTK.DLL, QUILTSH.DLL, QSystem.DLL, CW3215.DLL

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